With our secret SEO sauce, BizChangerZ’ guarantees YOUR SITE will be on the top pages of the search engines OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Ask any other USA based company to make that same claim and they won’t for one simple reason; they don’t know how. We’ll even share why they won’t they do it, and why we will.

Several SEO factors cause your site to rank on the top pages of the Search Engines.

SEO 101

OK, here’s goes. This is going to be slightly long, slightly geeky but you need to know EVERY BIT OF IT nonetheless. It’s either that or there’s simply no way to turn up the sales & traffic volume to your company’s web site. Sorry, we tell it like it is here @ BizChangerZ. Ready, begin..

NUMBER ONE, SEARCH TERMS: All web sites have content that is obvious to the major search engine requests. For example, if someone here in Las Vegas types in Italian Food Las Vegas, and your site discusses Chinese Food you will not come up in those results. There are exceptions to that rule, but new algorithms have been RECENTLY written to further eliminate these exceptions from happening. So slipping through the cracks and showing up by accident is getting less likely every day. Bank on it and learn the new rules.

NUMBER TWO, CONTENT: Let’s say your site has quality content and a given visitor stays on your site a minute or two, that’s a start but the average time spent on a page today is 5.23 minutes according to Google. The point here is ALL Search Engines are smarter than ever and that means they know when someone comes on your web site, pukes then leaves (to quote Avinash Kaushik digital evangelist for Google).

Search engines “in part” grade your site now on how long a visitor stays there from the second they arrive. If a visitor goes to your site and within 10 seconds clicks the back button, you’re going to move down in search engine ranking across the board. PERIOD.

This is called bounce rate and here at BizChangerZ, we have a secret weapon that guarantees when someone visits your site, they will stay on your site long enough to move up the search engine score card.

Onsite SEO is at least 50% of ALL  of the Search Engine Optimization strategies for 2013. Here’s just a small list of the secret sauce (we do at BizChangerZ) that you must have on your done on your site for natural, organic SEO ranking.

On-Site or On-Page SEO Top Tips for 2013

1. Head Section Order
Meta tags have a specific order and must remain so on your site: Title > Description > Keywords. Bear in mind, these are the same words the people searching will use

2. Title Tag
Title tags should be between 6 to 12 words. The best messaged words need to show up in the SERP; on Google that means roughly 70 characters give or take a few…

3. Description Tag
Use your BEST keywords and remember that the SERP doesn’t show anything after 160 characters on Google.

4. Keywords Tag
Google now says that Keywords tagging doesn’t matter, do it anyway as Google may or may not be telling us the truth here and not everyone on the planet uses Google yet:)

5. Heading Tags
When you write copy, heading tags have a progression but always start with <h1>. from there you just work your way down using heading tags <h2>, <h3>, <h4> etc. No brainer stuff but it’s all the little stuff added up that counts.

6. Overall Word Count
Don’t even think about using 250 words or less – remember the name of the game is keyword rich content. Life begins for content at 450 words or more and quality key word placement is everything!

7. Alt Attributes with Keywords
The American with Disabilities Act mandated that you put key words on your images. Use this to your SEO advantage. Be honest but use the terms it reflect in light of the key word ranking.  Alt attributes have to also validate your HTML code.

8. Dashes vs. Underscores in URLs
Everyone knows what an underscores is but make sure dashes are not used too much, that can be viewed as spammy.

9. Fully Qualified Links
Don’t use overly complicated URLs, use truly qualified links like (http://www.URL). don’t forget your site map needs to have them too!

10. Make JavaScript/CSS External
Search engine bots need to see you most important content first. Make sure there aren’t lines you don’t really need above the body text.

ON-Site / Page SEO

11. Site Map
EVERY SITE MUST HAVE an HTML site map. You cannot miss a page on this issue and in today’s site design, the bottom of the home page is best. When you complete the task, submit that WXML Sitemap to ALL search engines, Bing, Yahoo. Google etc.

12. Text Navigation
Text navigation written in JavaScript or Flash cannot be seen by search engines spiders. Not knowing just that alone can kill your chances of being found by the bots

13. Make Robots.txt File
This is vital file even if it has nothing in it. The Robots.txt file tells the search engines, NOPE, don’t index this thing.

14. Keyword Strategy
Look man, go to Google Ad words and learn everything you can. I could write a novel here on this one subject. The two most vital things you need to MASTER are the competitive ranking and what that means to the keywords your industry needs to use.

15. Web Analytics
Two words: Your business ‘online’ will live or die on your ability to fully comprehend Google analytics and make constant adjustments that keep pushing you further up the food search engine food chain.

16. Linking Strategy
Just think organic, NEVER BUY, think about natural strategy that is in alignment with all the major search engine rules, and make sure you monitor them regularly.

17. Server Configuration
Regularly check your server for ALL errors like 404, 301 etc.

18. Privacy Statement
Bing like a privacy statement and so do we, make it happen on your site as it builds credibility with the customer.

19. Static Pages
Complex, dynamic URLs are a no no. If dynamic pages aren’t getting indexed you have issues, it’s time to convert them to static pages.

20. Static Index Pages
If you have a reason to keep changing the content on your home page, do this. Make sure there is a certain amount of content that always remains the same. Like 2/3 🙂

21. Use Text over Images
Be sure to use text for things instead of image files when and where you can.  Spiders need this to see things as spiders can’t see some of the text on various image files.

22. Ensure No SPAM Tactics
Look, there’s no getting around how important it is to use Google Webmaster Guidelines.

23. Check for Duplicate Content
Find out if anything you’re using for content on your site is being used elsewhere. Duplicate copy is a another no-no.. We use and we use it regularly.

Redundancy and plagiarism is the biggest single killer of web site ranking. The search engines want you to employ good ORIGINAL content. They also want your own pages of the site to be unique to each other. This isn’t anywhere near as easy as it sounds. Let’s say you want to rank for Las Vegas Air Conditioner Repair and Henderson Air Conditioner Repair. No Problem; Just change the word “Las Vegas” for “Henderson” and create a new page right? WRONG! Do this and you will be in Search Engine Purgatory never to be found again.

Search engines love new content. We recently watched a VERY poorly designed, poor content, messed up site get to the first page of the search engines simply by posting new original content 3 times a day every day. The bad news for them is when they dropped to 3 times a week they dropped back to page 10. There’s reasons these temporary trciks you hear about don’t work long-term, and we know them all.

Online Marketing has never been and never will be NOT Set IT and Forget IT.

Your competition has an affect on where you rank and you have an effect on where they rank. If the competitions fails on any of the SEO factors this opens up a door for you to get that ranking.

We recently took a customer’s site that could not be found on the first 150 pages on Google (farthest we check) to the #1 page placement in 13 days.

This was for the 11 search terms that USED to PAY $2100 a month in pay per click advertising and this was a small business.

We say we did it but the truth is the competition helped us out a lot because we know what to look for when they miss it. They had not followed the basic rules of SEO leaving the top seat up for grabs.

DOMAIN AGE: The age of your domain is a vital factor as well along with other things like how long you have been adding content etc. This makes you look credible to the search engines through longevity. Of course we’re not saying your new site can’t get ranking in just a few months, it’s just one more factor we have to weigh in on when we promise you results.

BACK LINKS: Back Links are an essential part of SEO, but paying someone to do this for you, using the WRONG strategies, can actually work against you and turn your ranking in the opposite direction. Yes, we’re saying that if you buy junk back links (most of what everyone on the web sells you) your site will actually fall backwards in page rank. In our early days, we sadly acquired firsthand knowledge of this.

Since our pain is your gain, you need to know that a natural link building strategy to your site is a vote of approval and search engines love them! Get enough high quality organic links and your site will rank. But if you get spam links, bought from some fly by night company on the internet you are just putting nails in your search engine coffin.

We’ve just likely overwhelmed you with what you need to do for your online marketing but that’s not the bad news. The bad news is this is just the tip of the ice berg for local SEO or otherwise.

The fact of the matter is we were so overwhelmed with this task in our various businesses that we started BizChangerZ to help others with the same problems we were having has entrepreneurs.

BizChangerZ 2.0 Cofounders

Tom Browne & Mike Besson

That said, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that we’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars on Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing and the likes. WE FEEL YOUR PAIN!

What also shouldn’t surprise you is that only about 1/3 of what we spent money on actually worked.  If you have ever paid a SEO Company to help you with your online marketing then chances are you know what we’re talking about here.

When it’s time to STOP wasting money, it’s time for


Online Marketing done right!