Online Reputation Management (ORM)

done right, or it’s FREE!

Unfortunately, for its victims Ripoff Report is just one of the top scams you or your company can be hit with today. Sadly for many of our clients, anyone can post a complaint on Ripoff Report because it requires nothing in the way of proof. When you post online today, you can call a good person a thief, an ex-spouse a crook, an employee that you fired you for a good reason, a horrible employer or a business that bent over backwards for you, dishonest! All without any proof whatsoever, let alone any kind of due process.

The truth of our 2013 digital world is; there are no consequences for lying or trying to hurt someone you may have a difference with online. Worse yet, if the complainer writing their post have a change of heart, even the original poster cannot remove it.

 Even if you write a rebuttal, how can you un-ring an alarm bell?

And it doesn’t stop with Ripoff Report. Today, there are literally hundreds of sites where you can be unfairly targeted and have your online reputation trashed without a cause. If you’re in business today, your online reputation needs to guarded like a mother protects her child.

We’re the 1st company in the reputation

management industry to offer Online Reputation

Management done right


it’s FREE!

Like Our Sign? We mean it..

You’ve probably heard the saying; “do something right in business and the customer might not tell anyone; do something wrong and they’ll tell EVERYONE.” You can’t beat human nature but you can protect yourself online if you know a few of the SEO secrets that the experts use. If you’re in business long enough someone is going to post something bad about you whether you deserve it or not.

Worse yet, whether it’s true or not, you’re going to

have to live with it ruining your reputation in

perpetuity if you don’t know how to push it back!

The reputation management industry has really just emerged in the last few years. Like every new industry, it has a lot of growth pains. One of our clients (a well known public figure that we’ll call Jerry) received some VERY bad press and numerous Ripoff Reports (along with others) after he invested in a company that was tied to the housing crisis. This company left 200+ financial investor causalities in its wake INCLUDING OUR CLIENT.

Though our client was not the leader of the company, he was the face of the company. Over the course of the next 18 months, he hired TWO LAW FIRMS, one PUBLICIST along with one so called REPUTATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY.

The lawyers collected fees like they always do, but in the end did nothing but get paid. The publicist produced amazing stories about all the wonderful philanthropic things our client did, none of which did a thing to resolve this clients online reputation management issues. The Reputation Management Company actually made things worse!

 Enter BizChangerZ!

We did a thorough analysis of his online issues and told him “give us 90 days, and we’ll push all your bad postings back to page 10 or more in 90 days or our service is free! Sixty three days later, if you went looking for dirt on him, you had better bring a backhoe.

Thus the birth of our Online

Reputation Management

‘done right’ or its FREE offer!

You see, Jerry (wink-wink) didn’t need a law

firm, a publicist or a fly by night reputation

management company, he needed a Search

Engine GURU firm called BizChangerZ!


Don’t misunderstand us here, we’re not magicians, we’re more like concerned citizens that like to right your wrongs. PLUS WE’RE KIND OF THE WHITE HAT NERDS HERE.

We’re not here to tell you that we can wave a magic wand and remove everything that doesn’t paint you in a perfect light in 63 days.

At the time of writing this copy, we’ve only worked with 60+ medium to high profile business and individuals. Unfortunately, we were not able to accomplish the ‘promised in writing results’ on two occasions so far within the defined time line.

No excuses or discussion required, they owed us nothing!

Sure, we vastly improved their online presence but that’s not what we promised in writing. Every other client we’ve had; we’ve hit the mark and in most of those cases, we over delivered on our written guarantee.

If you are struggling with online reputation management issues too, please consider this. The Reputation Management industry is a relatively young industry that is run-a-muck with crooks that will take your money and not deliver what they promise.

 So to keep BizChangerZ own reputation clean, here is our promise to you.

When you call us. we’ll give you a fair assessment IN WRITING of what we know we can do and how long that will take.

We will put it in writing because if we don’t deliver everything we promised you pay nothing. Just another first in the industry to make that offer!