Highly profitable ways to attract customers!

One of the most highly profitable ways to attract NEW customers is to get a write up in your local news. We know how to make this happen and you should too. In fact, we ran advertising campaigns following one of these write ups that resulted in $200,000 in sales for a customer.

A month later we had their business written up in a local paper which resulted in nearly $300,000 in business! As good business strategy would have it; a local TV station picked up that story and created a GRAND TOTAL of $811,000 in sales!

While many online companies don’t get it, the fact of the matter is that the PRESS can be a very powerful marketing tool. We’ve seen it turn young entrepreneurs into millionaires in as little as 3 months. Contrarily, we’ve seen the wrong kind of press release strategy take a flourishing company of 87 employees and $8M in revenue to complete despair for the owners as they closed the doors in under 9 months of the wrong kind of News.

Those are the kind of harsh business realities you can face in business today if you don’t have your press release strategy down. IN fact, if you’re not using our BizChangerZ publicist team you’re leaving money on the table. PERIOD!

Here at BizChangerZ; we not only take on all your marketing needs, but we handle your publicity and brand management as well.

Why Publicity, Brand Management and

Marketing all go together

If you’re aiming to double or even triple your marketing response rates to your online or offline marketing you MUST remove any doubt that your customer might have about your business or your product.

Don’t believe us? CHECK THIS OUT!

A little company you may have heard of if you have a teenager, ProActive was convinced that they had a superior product and arguable they do. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on various marketing endeavors including infomercials magazines, TV, Radio and a host of other media.

In spite of all this, the company was deep in the red.

That is until one day, they were invited to help a few underprivileged girls with a little skin problem. The invitation was made by Oprah and though that show only aired their product for 9 seconds, it turned ProActive in to a household name and vaulted the company to fortunes.

Did the product change? No.                          Did the Marketing Change? NO.

Did the company leadership change? NO.      Not for the past 11 years.  

It was all about the credibility created by the press coverage after the show.

Ever heard of 1800 Got Junk? In 2001 to 2005 they were the fastest growing single franchise by number of new business opening. Yet just 7 years earlier they were a 3 man college student weekend side job business. 

Come on, here is a company that teaches you how to go pick up trash and debris from the home of people that want to clean out there garage. Wait a minute, doesn’t Goodwill do this and give you a tax right off?

These guys not only don’t give you a right off they charge you to take it away! Kind of reminds us of selling ice to Eskimos.  Any way, they too got written up in the news, followed up by some TV stations picking it up and within 2 years there was a waiting list of folks that wanted to learn how to pick up other people’s junk.

In all fairness the business model is fantastic and lucrative but you can see how hard the concept might have been to sell to prospective franchisees before the press. That is the power of just one article.


The Story of Robert Darling & Slotto

Meet Robert Darling, an unemployed rock solid America who decided to make a small toy called Slotto in his back yard and sell them at the local flea market until he could find a REAL JOB. He sent one box of toys to the Glenn Beck show and asked Glenn to play with them and his kids “JUST ONCE”

Glenn did and sold out all 234 toys that he was able to make. Three years later he’s an American entrepreneur, selling toys in three national big box retail stores. 

 Is the press right for Every Business?

Well, probably! We say probably because though we’ve never seen it fail to work in 84 PR campaigns for 52 different businesses so far, it is possible that it will not work for everyone.

We’ve even seen businesses with little appearance of being unique to their industry crush their markets with a BizChangerZ press strategy. To date, we have not found a single incidence were it didn’t benefit the company we applied it to.

How much money you are leaving on the table by not using the press in a powerful way?