great-graphic-design-makes-you-thinkGreat graphic design should make you stop in your tracks, touch you and spark your curiosity.

Your graphic design will be one of the primary corner stone’s of a highly credible website design. Yet in today’s online world many times entrepreneurs don’t put the kind of thought it takes to market yourself well.


Paul Wyatt resides in the UK and in our opinion is a creative genius. Here’s his take on logo graphic design.

Many web developers would rather recycle images out of  their free portfolio rather than thinking through the process and bringing you top flight design especially for you. At BizChangerZ, we believe the greatest value we can bring you is to educate you on how to be successful in your overall business. When it comes to graphic design, here’s our top SEVEN Graphic Design Tips:

1) Choose color wisely. Every color you use means something different. Color should never be something that a given owner just happens to like. Each and every palette invokes a feeling, a sense about who you are.


2) Fonts matter. In today’s world, the cold hard facts are that Online Reading is the number one way people see and READ about your brand. Make sure you’re using the best font for online reading. The best online marketing fonts for reading in our opinion, are the ones being used by the top retailers in the world for their online communication.

They are: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana [Helvetica comes standard with Apple, and Arial for Microsoft] Why?  Because they are free and are very legible at small sizes and are visually similar in appearance, spacing etc.

This ensures that you can trust your layout will look similar across multiple platforms and multiple browsers;
Crate & Barrel : Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif
Williams & Sanoma :  Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Geneva : Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Geneva : Lucida Grande ,Helvetica, Arial, Verdana : Helvetica Neue , Helvetica, Arial : Verdana, Arial, Lucida, Sans-serif; : Arial, Verdana

3) Avoid trends. Creating a trendy logo is like building a look / brand with an expiration date on it. You need to think long term, your logo needs to stand the test of time and last.

4) Don’t use raster images. Meaning, don’t create your logo in Photoshop. A logo must be reproduced at multiple sizes. Raster images limit your logo’s maximum size, along with its use and clarity. The name of the game is vector programs when creating any and all graphic design today.

5) Simplicity is best. The Apple Logo is a simple logo that is easily recognizable and remains in the minds of those that see it for a reason. It’s simple. Steer clear of too much detail or complexity. Today, simple is MORE!

6) Immediately captures attention. You need to capture the attention of the online visitor to your site in under three seconds.

7) Core Message. You need to tell the website visitor clearly what you do without reading a single word on the page where possible. BizChangerZ, ‘online marketing done right’ is in our logo for a reason.

You have most likely heard the personal development science that states; 93% of communication is non-verbal communication, meaning tone, tempo, pace, and body language. While ONLY 7% are the actual words you speak.

That explains a lot of marriage problems but we digress..

When you think about it, print words may actually be the least effective way to sell something on the planet earth. Keep that in mind when you are designing graphics for your site, we do!

Words speak facts, detail and justify the purchase..

Graphic Design inspires EMOTION…..

Emotion SELLS everything!


 BizChangerZ; Online Marketing Done Right!