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Old School Web Design ‘ALONE’ Won’t Cut it Any More!

There are some very elementary web design processes available today that will make your website explode with color, movement and function. But all too often, web designers spend MOST of there efforts on LOOKS and LITTLE on what’s truly important.

Adding insult to injury, when they’re done you have a website that neither produces leads or creates more revenue for your company. We know because for 11 years we spent ten’s of thousands of dollars annually building websites only to have to rebuild them again and again.

 Each time at more expense.

Little did we know that this was so easy to avoid.

So How do you AVOID this ’tissue’ with your Web Design?

They say you don’t know what you don’t know, so on the surface, there’s not much difference in web design for most eyes. If a site is designed ‘even’ half way decent, the end user experience of most site looks about the same.However, from the results the typical web site owner achieves, there’s a serious day and night in the results they’re NOT GETTING!

You see the old site technology is still around and most website builders still promote it. Why you may ask? There are several reasons. Many don’t know any better, we didn’t at one time either. Additionally, they design them so that if you plan to make changes to your site after they’re done, you get to pay them every time you make those changes. Lastly, simple human nature says that some people can be lazy, so they just don’t take the time to learn the new technology even though it’s remarkably more simple.

Thinking back to ‘just’ one of the best web sites we ever had built, we originally paid $31,000 for the site. Then, over time, like everyone in business today we made several revisions to the site bringing the web site total investment to over $64,000. Don’t get us wrong, the site made over $160,000 each month but knowing what we know now, we could have gotten a far greater return and a much easier time updating it with new marketing content, not to mention more product offers.

Today we could build that same enterprise level site for a customer for less than $6,900 including a dozen revisions. From a web site designer or online marketing agency prospective, we have more cutting edge options available to you for pennies on the dollar compared to years ago. Not to mention that the new owner of the web site, your user interface and back end functionality is as simple to edit as a word document. In fact we think it might even be easier!

Web design doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

We have designed sites for as little as $699 and upwards of $40,000, but do you know the sad truth? Most people don’t even know what it is they need to start with so they get over sold. In the end the result ends up being the same. A site that you and potential customers hate at a price you wish you hadn’t paid.

The price for bad web design revels the national debt.

OK, no one’s wasted that much money but you get our point. We have been in your shoes. We’ve been out there shopping for a web designer just like you’re doing right now and it’s hard to know where to turn. We get that here at BizChangerZ.

Do you want to see what these sites look like just type “web designer” in to the search engines. Here at BizChangerZ we ONLY build sites with one thing in mind. We build web sites with the singular goal of getting you on the top pages of all the various search engines. Before you spend a dime, we want to show you some important facts that you must consider if you don’t want to lose money and waste precious time with your next online marketing project.

 You will be SHOCKED at how many business owners make these mistakes and how easy they would have been to avoid if they had the right tools and knowledge.



1) When getting prepared to build a website make sure you have a plan of how you intend to market the website. If you hope to rank on the top pages of the search engines, your site must be designed with that in mind from day one. Most companies charge extra for this and we can’t for the life of us understand why. Every online marketing savvy person knows this, you should too.

2) What do you REALLY want your new site to do? Sounds like a silly question but the difference between a site that generates leads and a site that is built to just create high credibility is night and day.

3) Do you want to include video now or maybe in the future on your site? Video is a powerful marketing tool but it is not for every business. You want to make sure if you ever do want to add it later the site can be easily modified. You don’t want to pay twice for what should be included the first time.

4) Do you already have a unique selling proposition that you use for your off line or other website marketing. Ours is “Online Marketing Done Right” You will find that to be the cornerstone of our website and advertising.

5) Is your business evolving? If it is, than you don’t want to have to write a check every time you add a few words or pictures to your site. We actually add new content to our sites by sending an email to our web site and it posts it for us automatically. Pretty cool right? That tool is free by the way on all the sites we build!

6) How about the story of your business? People love to read about us page. According to Alexa, after the home page it is the most popular page to visit. People want to get a sense of who they are buying from.

7) Do you have professional style photos of your product or service? If not we can buy the photos needed or have our photographer shoot them for you. Either way you want original branded, highly captivating images on your site.

8) Do you have a system in place for managing new leads and customers? Could that system handle 50% more or hey, how about 100% more. Are you ready for that? You better be if you use BizChangerZ

9) Do you have a budget in mind for the website build? You just don’t want to short your other budgets to pay for your new website.

10) What are your customers typing in to the search engines that you would like to be found under? Is the competition for these terms captivating the customers.

After your site is built and on the web, it’s time to talk SEO, Online Marketing and how to promote it to your potential customers. We made a separate video that we would encourage you to watch while you are here but for now here are the basics.

  • Consider how to add content on a regular basis. Search engines love new content and show you the love by putting your site above others.
  • What is your budget monthly to manage an effective Search Engine Optimization link strategy?

Before you hire an SEO company do you know the 13 things that they can do to absolutely guarantee that your site will land in the search engine’s sand box never to be found again? Boy we sure do and we wish we didn’t. We learned it the hard way, which means it cost us time and money.

We’ll give you a hint about how bad it is out there; more than 80% of Search Engine Marketers are still doing this today. For more on these and a whole host of other SEO related items check out the SEO video page of our site.

If all this has you thinking; wow that is a lot to swallow in one bite just to build a new website then you are in luck. We are going to give you the;

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As an added bonus; sign up today we’ll make sure to include our OTHER NEW eBOOK:

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These two ebooks are yours absolutely free without any obligation. Whether you use us for your online marketing and web site development needs or not, this is information you need to know.

When it’s time for Online Marketing Done Right, it’s time for BizChangerZ!

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